Select the Right Price Point to Sell Home

If your home is the only home selling at $325,000 then you don’t have to worry. However, what happens when you are 1 of 5 other homes that are trying to sell their home for $325,000? Selling a home is all about standing out, getting noticed, being the shiny red apple.

There are many ways to get noticed by prospective Buyers when you’ve decided to sell a home. The first place to get noticed is with the price. We buy ugly houses in Grand Prairie Tx 

Imagine for a moment that you’re a Buyer. You’re sitting at home, after a long hard day at work and you plop yourself down in front of the computer to begin your home search. You’ve been Pre Approved for a mortgage, so you’re searching in a range of homes for sale and so many all seem to be for sale at $325,000, but wait, what’s this house priced just below $325,000, it looks nice. It looks similar to the other homes, but that price is appealing, as it’s a tad less expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a little extra money to buy new bedroom furniture after we move in. Hence, the home listed for sale at less than $325,000, is standing out from the crowd. Do you get the picture now?

Standing out from the crowd when you’re selling a home can bring in many interested Buyers, as I described in the above scenario. When you do this, you can also bring in more Buyers with the opportunity to drive up the the ultimate selling price, which may increase it to the price of the pack of homes and even beyond. Once your home has been toured and confirmation is made by the Buyers that indeed your home is lovely and just right, priced right, watch the offers come in on your home and not one of the homes all lumped together.

Warning Signs to Look For Before Buying a Home

It’s important to know everything you can about a house before you buy, but what if you have an untrained eye? Although you will need to hire a professional home inspector before moving forward with a purchase, there are some things you can check out yourself before determining if you want to seriously consider buying a home.

The following mini-inspection should be performed during a private home tour, not during an open house. Only once you’ve done your first walk-through and decided that this house is in the running should you start checking for potential problems.

Pull back the carpet. Many homes will have a section in the closet peeled back already. Look for this, and check out what kind of flooring the carpeting is covering.

Open windows. Make sure all windows are fully functional, check out the views, and listen for any noise filtering into the house once the windows are open.

Scope out the neighbors when buying a home

Scope out the neighbors. This can be done during the private home tour or at another time. In fact, the best time to check out neighborhood activity is during after work hours or on the weekend. If possible, talk to the neighbors next door to the home you’re considering.

Flush toilets and run faucets. If there is a problem with any of these fixtures, repairs may be cheap, but also potentially quite messy.

Taste the water. Although water will primarily be coming from the city rather than a local well, funky plumbing can drastically affect the taste of it. A bad taste may mean costly repairs.

If the home in questioning passes your initial inspection, feel free to move forward with the buying process. Remember, after an offer is mutually accepted, the inspection period usually lasts seven to 15 days. This is when you’ll want an accredited home inspector to formally inspect the property.

Furthermore, although sellers are legally obligated to disclose known problems with a house, some issues fall into a grey area.